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Should you breathe through the nose, through the mouth, or through the mouth and the nose at the same time when singing?

If you think that one of these methods is better than the others, then stay tuned because in this video, I am going to tell you what really matters when inhaling for singing.

In this video, I am going tell you why the method you use to breathe in is not as important as the final result. Let me explain.

When you ask a group of people “How to inhale for singing?” some will tell you to breathe through the nose, some will swear by breathing through the mouth, and yet, some people will advise to breathe through both mouth and nose.

I believe that we are all individuals and what works for me may not work for you.

The important part is that the final result should be a silent, quick and sufficient inhalation.

Let’s explore all three methods with the end result in mind.

Breathing through the nose.

This method keeps the air moist but it can be noisy and slow.

Breathe in through your nose only if you have enough time, for example at the beginning of the song or after a long pause.

Bonus tip

Breathing through the nose is definitely a preferred type of breathing at rest because air passing through the nose warms up and becomes moist, which helps to keep your airways healthy.

Breathing through the mouth.

This method can have a drying effect on your vocal tract but it is quick and quiet.

If you breathe through the mouth when singing, keep a water bottle close by to prevent dryness.

Breathing throught he nose and mouth at the same time.

Breathing through the nose and mouth simultaneously can be quick, sufficient and quiet without the drying effect.

However, this type of breathing is most challenging and requires practice.

My recommendation is to try all these methods and decide for yourself. Use one method or a combination of all.

Keep in mind that the outcome is more important than the method you use.

In today’s video, you have learned the advantages and disadvantages of breathing through the nose and mouth.

But inhalation is only one small part of good breathing technique that makes singing powerful. To help you understand if you are breathing correctly for singing, I prepared a complete breathing checklist for you.

Click the link in the description below the video to download a free breathing checklist.

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