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You may not give too much thought to good posture when singing but in today’s video, you are going to learn why good singing posture, more specifically optimal chest posture, is essential for effective singing. I am also going to share an easy trick to finding your most optimal chest posture so that you can sing with freedom and power. Stay tuned.

O.K. Let’s talk about all the why’s, what’s and how’s of optimal singing posture.

Good posture is the starting point for effective breathing and singing. Yes, even before you take a breath or start singing, your body needs to be aligned optimally to function effectively.

A medium-high chest position is one part of overall good body alignment.

What does medium-high chest posture look and feel like?

Your breastbone is raised up and forward. Your shoulders are down and wide. The word “posture” sounds static but the truth is that the chest alignment is dynamic and gives you the freedom to move and sing without any tension. This alignment allows the ribcage to open and move freely with your breath. The lower ribs have the space to move and the diaphragm can descend fully. Now, you are able to take a sufficient and efficient breath needed for a sung phrase.

What is it not?

Soldier-like Position.

Many singers confuse medium-high chest posture with a rigid, soldier-like position. If you cannot move your breastbone higher, then your chest is too high. As a result, your body will compensate by curving your spine excessively and by moving your head out of alignment, which impedes the sound production.

Collapsed chest.

Many singers start with a collapsed chest and expand it with the first breath or with every breath they take. This is very laborious and can wear you out pretty quickly. It also creates tension in the upper torso and the neck area, which again may negatively affect your sound. A collapsed chest can be one of the reasons why you run out of breath when singing.

Hands-Up Technique.

Here is an easy trick to find a medium-high chest position. I like to call it the “Hands-Up Technique”.

Stretch your arms over your head while breathing normally and then bring the arms slowly down while keeping your chest up and open. Breathe normally, don’t hold your breath. Find a medium high chest position. Observe as your chest, the breastbone is up and forward. Voila! You just found a medium-high chest posture.

Remember that you need to establish this optimal singing posture even before you take a breath and start singing. Maintain this position throughout singing and don’t allow your chest to collapse. But that’s a topic for another video.

In today’s video, you learned about the medium-high chest posture, why it’s important for efficient singing and how to find it. But this is just one aspect of good breathing technique. To help you understand if you are breathing correctly for singing, I prepared a complete breathing checklist for you. Click the link in the description below the video to download your free breathing checklist.

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Happy singing!

Link to video: https://youtu.be/7ZZkdM3xYGU