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I am Katarina, the founder of How 2 Improve Singing. In today’s video, I am going to share 5 simple tips on how to avoid running out of air at the end of a sung phrase. I’ll tell you when to breathe during singing so that you don’t feel and sound like a runner crossing the finish line. Stay tuned.

Let’s talk about how to avoid running out of breath when singing. Here are 5 simple tips to follow:

Tip #1

Examine the notation of the song. Some songs have special markings that tell you exactly when to take a breath. A breath mark looks like a little comma placed above the staff.

Tip #2

Always mark places in your sheet music where you think you may need to breathe. If you don’t use sheet music, use a sheet with the song’s lyrics instead and mark down when to breathe. You will end up with sentences or phrases that are sung with one breath.

Bonus tip: After you have marked your sheet music, say each phrase out loud in one breath. Connect the words in a legato style so that the air is moving constantly throughout the phrase. (Demonstrate)

Tip #3

After you have marked your music, sing the song a few times paying close attention to your breathing. Adjust your markings. Move or add more places to breathe.

Generally, it makes sense to breathe in when:

  • there is a rest in the music,
  • at the end of a sentence
  • at the end of a phrase
  • at the end of a thought.

Never breathe in the middle of a word or a phrase. That sounds awkward.

Tip #4

Practice singing the song while following the markings. Once you add some dynamics and stylistic elements to your singing, it may be necessary to adjust the breath markings again as louder parts or breathy singing may require additional air supply.

Tip #5

Add some breathing exercises to your vocal practice routine. The more you practice breathing, the better you get at managing your breath for singing. With practice, you’ll be able to hold notes for a longer time.

But don’t forget that singing is not a competition. So initially, take more breaths and as you get better, you’ll require fewer breaths.

In today’s video, you learned 5 simple tips to avoid running out of air when singing. However, good breathing technique which allows a singer to sing with power and flexibility is about more than not running out of air. To help you understand if you are breathing correctly for singing, I prepared a complete breathing checklist for you. Click the link in the description below the video to download a free breathing checklist.

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Happy singing!

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