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This statement is probably no news to you: “Optimal body posture is crucial for powerful and tension-free singing.” But what is the best sitting posture for singers? In this video, I am going to describe 4 areas of your body that you need to pay attention to so that you avoid strain and tension when singing while sitting. Keep watching.

Many singers sit when singing. They may be sitting to play their instrument, such as piano, or guitar. Choir members may sit during their choir practices. Some singers may sit on a stool when singing to create a special atmosphere.

How do you keep optimal posture when singing so that your vocal instrument has the ideal conditions for powerful singing without tension?

These are four areas of the sitting posture for singers that you should pay attention to:

Sit Bones

Sit bones are two bumps at the bottom of your pelvis. Put both hands under your bottom and feel the two bumps. They should be pointing down. Rock back and forth on these bones and find the position when they are pointing down. If you get this right, the rest of the body will follow: your pelvis, spine and the head will be well aligned. This position will give you stability and mobility at the same time.


If your sit bones are pointing down, the pelvis will be in the most optimal position.

If you tilt your pelvis backward, your back becomes curved and the front part of your body is shortened. This prevents the diaphragm from descending fully.

If you tilt your pelvis forward, the spine will be overarched, which creates tension in your body.

Chest and Shoulders

If your sit bones are pointing down, your breastbone will move up and your chest becomes open. You want to feel tall and wide. Your chest position is flexible so that it can expand in all directions freely with every breath and your diaphragm can descend fully during inhalation.


Keep your head aligned with the rest of the body. Keep the chin parallel with the floor. This can be challenging when you are playing an instrument as you may need to watch your fingers playing the piano or guitar strings. Master your instrument (piano or guitar) so that you don’t need to watch your hands all the time. If you need to look down, use the joint between your skull and your spine to tilt your head down. Do not bend the whole neck to look down. This will restrict the movement of the larynx and vocal cord function.

Make sure that your microphone is positioned well so that you don’t have to stretch your neck or compromise your head and body position to reach it.

The biggest benefit of good posture when singing is the freedom of movement, whether it’s the movement of your body or your voice. In a well-aligned body, your muscles don’t have to work extra hard and there is no tension so that you can sing at your best.

In today’s video, I shared a few simple tips to achieve optimal sitting posture for singers. But this is just one aspect of good breathing technique. To help you understand if you are breathing correctly for singing, I prepared a complete breathing checklist for you. Click the link in the description below the video to download your free breathing checklist.

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