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Is Breathing for Singing Really Important? 

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Why We Hate Our Own Voice and What to Do About It?

Hi, I often recommend recording your singing during practice. But I also know that you hate your own voice. Let me tell you a secret! It’s normal. We all dislike our own voices when recorded. In this video, I am going to tell you why and more importantly: what to do...

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Advice for Singers: 3 Myths about Breathing Exposed

Hi, let’s bust some myths about breathing in this video. I will take on three common myths that may be holding you back from singing with ease and confidence. If you believe that the diaphragm supports the sound, that breath support means to push your belly in...

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What Others Have Said

“Joining the Academy has changed the way I breathe. I understand what breathing for singing really is and what it is not. It has also given me a confidence boost – you’re more confident when you’re sure that you’re doing the right thing. Confidence is very important for a singer”.


“Proper posture, dropping the soft palate, the inner smile are so valuable and I see the difference in my singing especially the level of comfort. Yes, so much more comfort and ease, the soft palate trick I found is making a big difference in tone and the breathing exercises are making me stronger. I have a renewed interest in singing and improving and love all the new exercises and tips. I feel more comfortable singing. Just want to thank you for offering this course, it has opened my eyes and throat 🙂 and I loved it.”


“Hi, Katarina. I truly want to thank you for all the advice and tips. It makes perfect sense when I really think about what you’ve been saying. I really appreciate how you outline the various problems we all face as singers. I’ve never been taught how to sing so I am taking every bit of advice you give! Thanks again for all the tips! Take care, looking forward to hearing from you next week. Warm regards.”