My name is Katarina and I am the founder of How 2 Improve Singing.

Today, I want to talk about hydration because you know as a singer that hydration is very important. Today, I want to talk about why’s, what’s and how’s so that your vocal cords can function at their best.

Vocal health tips.

So let’s start with why’s.

You probably know that water and hydration is very important in general, for your body, for your health, for your skin, for your digestion. But why is it important for singers?

Hydration tips for singers: If you did not know our bodies produce mucus. And our bodies produce about 2 quarts of mucus every day. And that is a huge amount. It’s about this much. So we need to keep hydrated because we want to keep the mucus thin so that your vocal cords can function efficiently. Mucus covers your airways, digestive system. The mucus covers your nasal cavity, your oral cavity, your throat, your vocal cords, your lungs, your trachea, and your digestive system. When the mucus is thin on your vocal cords, they can vibrate more efficiently. When the mucus is thick, then they have to work harder than it is necessary.

How much water do you need to drink every day?

You probably heard about the recomendation 8 by 8, so 8 times 8-ounce cups every day. But this recommendation is very general and different sources will have different recommendations. The recommendations will depend on your age, gender, level of activity, climate you live in and also the weather.

Hydration tips for singers.

People usualy don’t hydrate enough. When I ask people around me, in my environenment, or my clients, most of them will say: “I do not drink enough water” or “I don’t hydrate enough.”

There are two main reasons. Because they either don’t like drinking water or they forget. So I have a couple of solutions for these problems.

First of all, you need to realize that 20% of your liquid intake during the day comes from food. You can include foods that are high in water, like cucumbers, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, soups, water mellon, and others.

You can also add some tastes to the water that you drink. For example, you can put a few drops of lemon into the water that you drink. You can infuse water with watermelon or cucumbers, or orange and lemon rind in your water that you drink and that will give it a different taste.

And the second problem is you forget to drink.

In today’s society, I believe there is an app for everything. There are several apps for reminding you to drink more water. There are paid apps and there are free apps. I have tried a few of them and the one that I like the best is called Water Buddy. And it’s a very easy app that you can use. So first, when you download it you input your gender, your age, your level of activity and it will calculate your daily goal for water intake. Then, by tapping on this button, you can add how much water you drank and it will add to your percentage of your daily goal and also  you see the water level will rise. This app also has a notification system that you can set for every hour, two hours or every three hours to remind you to drink more water.

There is no exuse for forgetting to drink more water.

So that’s all for today. I want to encourage you to stay hydrated, to keep your daily goal.

If you have any questions, please post them under the video.

I will see you in more videos. Until then, happy singing. Bye.

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