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How to Improve Singing: Welcome!

You breathe.

Breath is





You sing.

Singing is





Share you passion, life, joy, love, song, happiness, pride.

Breath is the engine for singing.

Welcome: How to Improve Singing


How to Improve Singing? I hear you – you want to take your singing to the next level. You are in the right place. Start by DOWNLOADING A COMPLETE BREATHING CHECKLIST HERE: http://tips.how2improvesinging.com/breathe

What does singing mean to you?

I am Katarina and in this video, I will show you what singing means to me. It’s my life, my passion, my everything like the air we breathe.

And because you are a smart singer, you know that breath is the engine for singing. Without breath, there would be no sound.

Therefore, start transforming your singing by building foundational skill, which is good breathing technique. I will show you that good singing does not exist without good breathing.

If you think that breathing for singing is complicated or confusing, just stick around because I will show you that breathing for singing is none of those. You just need to learn a little bit more about your own body, your instrument to understand how breathing really works and then you will see and hear that breathing for singing is really simple.

But what is more important?

Good breathing for singing can take your singing skills to the next level. Many vocal difficulties, such as vocal breaks, limited vocal range, running out of air, gasping, tension and even vocal straining have their roots in poor breath control.

So stick around, check out my videos and be sure to subscribe as I post new videos every week. For more resources for singers, visit my website How 2 Improve Singing, which will give you more answers to the very first question you had: How to improve singing?

I created this channel and my website to inspire you to sing more, to share vocal wisdom and to challenge you to find your true voice. Happy breathing! Happy singing!


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