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I am Katarina, the founder of How 2 Improve Singing.

Every smart singer knows that it is crucial to take an efficient breath before singing a phrase.

But how do you inhale efficiently? In this video, I am going to share four easy steps that can transform your voice from week to powerful. Stay tuned.

In this video, I am going to explain how you can achieve the 360 Ring of Breath in 4 easy steps. “What the heck is the 360 ring of breath?” you ask. Let me explain.

You probably know that the diaphragm is an important breathing muscle. It is a dome-shaped muscle that moves down and flattens when we inhale. However, the way we inhale greatly impacts the function of the diaphragm.

The way we inhale can either:

  • prevent the diaphragm from descending fully, which results in shallow, inefficient and laborious breathing, not recommended for singing; or
  • allow the diaphragm to move down fully and efficiently. And that is exactly what we want to achieve when breathing for singing.

When we allow the whole torso to participate in inhalation, not just certain isolated parts of the body, we create ideal conditions for the diaphragm to work efficiently. I like to call it, the 360 Ring of Breath because it feels like a ring of air all around your body: in front, on the sides and even on the back.

You can create the 360 Ring of Breath in 4 easy steps. Let’s start.

Step one.

Put your hand on your upper stomach (between the bottom edge of your breastbone and your belly button). While maintaining a medium-high chest posture, inhale. You will feel the upper abdomen move out, which is caused by the diaphragm moving down.

Bonus tip.

If your upper abdomen is not moving out on inhalation, it is probably tensed. In order to achieve the movement, your abdomen has to be somewhat relaxed. Lie down on your back on the floor and put your hand on your belly. Relax and breathe normally. Observe how your belly is moving up with every new breath. Now stand up and replicate the same feeling and movement while standing up.

Step two.

Put your hands on the sides of your body. While maintaining a medium-high chest posture, inhale. Feel how your body is expanding sideways. The sides of your body and your lower ribcage play an important role in creating conditions, which allow the diaphragm to descend fully. If you are really serious about singing, pay attention to this part of the body.

Bonus tip.

If you don’t feel the sideway expansion, lie down on the floor facing down. Inhale in this position, and observe the sideway motion. Then stand up and replicate the same sensations while standing up.

Step three.

Put your hands on your back. While maintaining a medium-high chest posture, inhale. Observe a slight expansion in the back. The movement is small so pay close attention. Your back also plays an important role in breathing for singing.

Step four.

Once you are able to expand your body in these 3 different directions individually, coordinate all of these movements into one fluid motion that allows the diaphragm to function efficiently. While maintaining a medium-high chest posture, inhale and expand your torso in three directions: forward, sideways and backward.

Voila! The 360 Ring of Breath! Your diaphragm can now descend fully and your inhalation is efficient.

In today’s video, you learned about the 360 Ring of Breath, which allows the diaphragm to descend fully and function efficiently. If you master these 4 steps, you are on your way to a powerful voice. But this is just one aspect of good breathing technique. To help you understand if you are breathing correctly for singing, I prepared a complete breathing checklist for you. Click the link in the description below the video to download a free breathing checklist.

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Link to the YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/bRE3umgjvkM